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Goodling has had a concealed weapons permit for two decades Boys. The decision to get the permit came from a direct threat.

“It was a guy much bigger than me threatened me at a job site,” Goodling explains. “I’m doing my inspection, and this guy flips out…I thought I was gonna be pummelled right there. Cause he had me cornered on a stairwell landing…” The next day he applied for a concealed carry permit.

And with that the handgun was the latest tool added to his toolbox.

Goodling has not used his gun in self-defense, though he once took it on a stakeout of his jobsite in the national forest Movie & TV Fan Apparel. Rustlers were sneaking into the park at night and stealing his goats Thermal Underwear, which were being used to clear land. The local police didn’t have jurisdiction in the federal park, and the park police left at sundown Shapewear. A state trooper advised him that he simply should “do what he had to do.”

For days he and his workmates stayed up late into the night, armed and loaded, worrying about a confrontation. But the rustlers must have known they were there, because they never came back.

And for that Hoodies & Tracksuits, our construction guy-turned-goat-herder was relieved.

“When you pull a gun, you have crossed a line.”

Talking to more gun owners in the coming weeks, I will find they don’t agree about a lot of things. These paths I take will all connect in the center, with a hand on a gun. But they don’t necessarily connect anywhere else.




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